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Go Forth! Two Warriors! :iconzexion666:Zexion666 0 1
Lady Kayura And The Dark Realm
Buddo was going plaid when he suddenly stops.  We're not at Amanohashidate, but in the middle of nowhere.
"Uhh."  I look around.  "Bud, where are we?  This isn't where Rowen is."
Buddo nods, like, 'yeah, I know'.  He starts to run, but not nearly fast enough.  Frustrated, Buddo growls and slows down.
"What's going on, Bud?"  I pat the demon horse's thick neck.  "Do we need to stop for a sec, or what?"
Anzen is perched on the horse's backside, and starts to growl.  The big,  white raven's feathers puff up and it moves from foot-to-foot, slowly stepping side to side,  fixated on something behind us.
"What's going on, guys?"  I can't see anything, but I'm starting to feel like I'm being watched. "Just go, Bud; don't worry about ludicrous speed, just run."
The feeling of uneasiness grows, like something's coming.
"Go."  I can hear footsteps now.  "Go, go go, go!"
Then just ahead of us, is a familiar shape.  O
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Kathmandu by Zexion666 Kathmandu :iconzexion666:Zexion666 6 4
I don't like to let myself lose it, or get all worked up, because crying and carrying on doesn't do anybody any good.  It certainly won't do Cye or Sage any good for me to scream, cry, curse, and make my hands bleed from punching the cliff face.
But that's exactly what I'm doing.
"Fuck!"  Kicking rocks helps.  "Fuck, FUCK, FUUUUCK!"  Punching rocks helps too, but the poor rocks are probably just, like, 'what the hell did WE do to this chick, huh?'.
Buddo and Anzen just watch, Buddo's ears are laid back sadly, and his eyes are big and round, and watching me.  Anzen just looks like a raven statue as it watches me.
    I slide down the rock face, cradling my hands together, and sobbing.  I mean, I dare anyone to blame me for being upset; this was all supposed to be over by now.  The ronins destroyed the dynasty already, so what the hell is left up there anyway?
Anzen waddles over, and stands by my feet.  The raven nudges my
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The Armor Must Be Destroyed
Chapter 30
The Armor Must Be Destroyed
I don't need convincing; I'm packing a bag, because I don't believe in coincidence.  Everything happens for a reason.
Including me being the only one who saw that blood in the sink.
I frantically pack  my only two summer shirts, and cotton shorts I usually wear to bed, a few amenities, my camera, and the hoodie I technically stole from the outdoor store.  Pausing, I stare at the hoodie for a second; that all seems so long ago, and now three months later it's all still not over.  Sighing, I carry the hoodie , sling my backpack on, and head downstairs.
    "Can you make that much of a difference?"  Ichigo is in the hallway, my raven perched on his forearm as he gently strokes the bird's breast with the back of his hand..
    "No idea."  I walk past him.
    "And you're gonna what?  Go head first into whatever is out there, with no idea if you can even
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Two Torrents
Chapter 29
Two Torrents
    I get up at quarter-past 9; at least the little square clock on the nightstand says so.  Slowly, I turn to face the other side of the bed, but...there's no one there.
    "Guh."  My head hits the pillow; annoyed and relieved all at once.  Taking a couple casual breaths, I calm my nerves then manage to get myself up, dressed, and head downstairs.  It's completely quiet for 9 a.m.; I would at least think Cye would be making breakfast by n ow, but I could be wrong.
    Yawning as I get to the stairs, there's still no sounds, no smells; no one around.
    "Hello?"  I call out.
No answer.
"Mia!  Yuli!"  I check the kitchen, but no one is in here either.  "Cye?"  Turning, I go back out to the living room, looking around at a loss.  "Hey Rowen!  Sage!  Kento!"  I catch a glimpse of the living room windows, but it should be daylight at 9 a.m.;
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Fruits Basket Charms by Zexion666 Fruits Basket Charms :iconzexion666:Zexion666 0 0 Same bag by Zexion666 Same bag :iconzexion666:Zexion666 0 0 Bag by Zexion666 Bag :iconzexion666:Zexion666 0 0
A Halloween Homage
When Rowen opens the door, he's wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw that has distinct blood spatter on it.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!"  Is my scream before I pass out and wake up on the couch.
Now here I sit, sipping a cup of tea, and staring at Rowen.  He's taken off the hockey mask, but is wearing a thick, black, rubber apron, heavy gloves and rubber boots of the same material, and generally looks very industrial serial killer - if you include the discarded hockey mask and chainsaw.
"That's - uh - a new look...for you..."  I sip the tea.
"Well yeah...I guess."  He kind of looks himself over.  "It's been a...weird...couple-a months."
I nod.  "Oh, tell me about it, but first - how was New Orleans?"  I set the cup down, and lean in eagerly.
"Uhh, well...about that."  Rowen's being a bit more stand-off-ish than usual.
"Yes?"  I urge him.
"It was okay."  Rowen leans away with this 'don't ask' kind of smile.
"Yes?"  I urge him.
"I had c
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Mature content
When Worlds Collide Deleted Scene - Chapter 13 :iconzexion666:Zexion666 0 0
Needlepoint portal by Zexion666 Needlepoint portal :iconzexion666:Zexion666 1 0 Sora And Riku by Zexion666 Sora And Riku :iconzexion666:Zexion666 1 0 Yes, I can drive stick by Zexion666 Yes, I can drive stick :iconzexion666:Zexion666 2 0 Beaded Blue Poe by Zexion666 Beaded Blue Poe :iconzexion666:Zexion666 1 0
Sun Devil
I had this really weird dream.  It was this meteor hitting a volcano, and inside the meteor was this creepy dude with massively ugly dreads.  No offense to dreads.
I only got a glimpse of the dude before I woke up.  I’m back in the attic at Mia’s house, it’s morning, and I really hope it hasn’t been more than a day since I passed out.  I’m getting kinda sick of waking up and hours upon hours have passed.
“You look rested.”  Ukitake says.  “How do you feel?”
My head is heavy  as I sit up; weighted by a mass of red curls that totally shouldn’t have grown back this fast.  I run my fingers through my hair and sit up all the way.
“Confused.”   Is my reply to Ukitake.
“Of course.”  Ukitake nods.
“Kenbukyo.”  I say.  “He…gave me something.”  I look down at my hands, but they look normal enough, save for my nails have
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Been working too much, and now my Bumblebee Betta has fin rot. :(


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Currently working on an original novel series, and haven't been here much. Might be looking for an animator to help me out with some stuff soon. I'm for reals; this is legit publishing that's going on over here.

I'm an eccentric animator, wannabe-novelist, small town livin',three-eyed cat girl who goes by the name "Lollipop", but most people call me Zex, Zexion, or Zexion666. Born on Captain Vanity's pirate ship, and raised by Autobots I now attend college, and cheat my way through life - I call it: survival of a penniless sitar player.

"Life is too short to drink cheap beer"
-My Father

AMV from Sakuracon 2009. Didn't make it into the actual contest, but it was in the 7hr long submission viewing i sat through today, Sunday. It's great, and I <3 it.…

Quote - love it!:
"I will make the biggest scene that has ever been made in an airport. I will attract the attention of anyone with ears in a five-mile radius. I will bring down the full force of security, airport officials, and airplane employees. In short, I will throw the hissy fit to end all hissy fits. You'll have to drug me or knock me out to get me onto a plane, and I'm wiling to be that as much as you talk tough, you're not going to hurt me."

Current Residence: Ratchet's Office
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Men's L, Women's XL or 2X
Print preference: matte (printed)
Favourite genre of music: audible
Favourite photographer: Me! Yes, I'm tooting my own horn, whattya gonna do?
Favourite style of art: copic or photoshop
Operating System: Teletraan-1
MP3 player of choice: Blaster
Shell of choice: Turtles are nice, but nautilus are pretty, too
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever suits my fancy in my current mood
Skin of choice: silver, scaly, and blood red claws
Favourite cartoon character: Any giant robot or skeleton king
Personal Quote: If you can't change the world, change your shirt, it makes a helluva difference in my book!


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